Why summer internship is important for students?

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4 min readApr 4, 2021
Why summer internship is important for students?

First, we must understand what an internship is and what are the various purposes and the gaps that they fulfill in the system because anything that doesn’t fulfill any purpose is bound not to exist either today or tomorrow.

According to the Oxford dictionary, “internship is a period during which a student gets practical experiences in a job”. Now a question may arise in your mind, that when we are doing a professional course in our university, why do we need to take the extra pain of doing the internships? Well, in this article we are going to discuss that, and take you through various reasons for taking up summer internships as well as winter internships and why they matter and are so important for a budding future professional irrespective of the field of study.

The first reason being, Internships are an opportunity to learn skills that your college may not be able to deliver because, in your college, there is an environment where you are familiar with all the people and that is your comfort zone, and the dynamics of that environment are very different from an environment in which you are completely new, you have to work with new people, you have to deal with new challenges, etc. We all must remember that learning a new thing is a painful process which we all as students are duty-bound to endure that process joyfully and should also remember that learning always happens when we come out of our comfort zones! The internship provides us with just that. It helps you to come out of your comfort zones, take up new challenges and broaden your horizon and understanding.

Now coming to the second reason, Internships are a medium by which students may catch hold of their true calling in life, i.e. in which field they would like to work as a professional. But how? Because there is no restriction like to in which field you have to take an internship. Doesn’t that sound cool? A student pursuing engineering may take up an internship related to the legal field! It is specifically helpful for the students who have still not figured out what they want to become in their lives professionally and until now, their parents had dictated their career path! Internships help to find the answer to that harsh question (Beta tum Zindagi mai kya banna chahte ho?) which is a constant companion of every student, wherever they go! When students go for an internship in various fields ranging from designing, marketing, law, coding, consultancy, etc. it increases their probability of finding the answer to that

question and more importantly helps them in curating their career path on their own. Yes, my friend, that’s the role internships play in the life of a student.

Why summer internship is important for students?

Going ahead with the third reason, Internships provides us with a platform to enhance our social skills, you get to know how to interact professionally, how to deal with people having a different mindset, how to say NO respectfully, how to initiate a conversation, how to manage and lead a team which is an important skill to learn. Learning all these in internships helps you to grow as a professional and come out of the mindset of a student and observe how the world outside the comfort of our homes and university campus works while we are still not exactly out! Isn’t that a good deal to know and prepare for the future by doing internships? That your fodder for thought!

Coming to the last reason but not the least, internships helps us in building our network. Now the question may come to our mind that what is networking and why do I need to do it? Well, let’s talk about it. Networking is actively engaging with people and sharing values within the community. It helps us to gain various insights which are not available on google. Furthermore, it helps to increase our reach and get things done much easier, help us in finding our mentors and much more. Hence now it’s up to us to decide.

Walt Disney once said that The Best Way to Get Started Is to Quit Talking and Begin Doing. So my friend, Start doing summer internships and discover the exciting world outside.

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