Students living in a Virtual World

Everything turned online

“ Han Bass ghuss hi ja iss phone mein”

Every child is friendly with this comment and is significantly habitual of hearing this from their parents. But during these unprecedented times parents also know that there’s no other option than using these different electronic media, those times are lost in an unknown place when girls accustomed play with their dolls and boys accustomed to playing with their toy car making vroom-vroom sounds, now games are played on phones, laptops, and computers.

The harmful impact on eyes

Because of this pandemic, the condition got worsened , not only children are using these electronic media for entertainment purposes but they need to use them for his or her studies furthermore, nobody can deny that these electronic media are proved as a boon during this pandemic time when students can’t attend classes offline, online classes are the sole possible solution. This is really a real undeniable fact that the diary of those online classes is very badly affecting students' health which too especially their psychological state.

Mental tension is growing up rapidly.

Students life nowadays start with getting up from bed then checking their phones for sophistication meeting link attending the category, having breakfast with it then sitting within the same position having lunch with classes than having snacks in the evening while watching entertaining and relaxing video’s on phone, then doing assignments from the phone as not having books and even cant visit market due to pandemic after then trying to sleep in the night but ineffective to lie with that headache and pain in eyes.

This increased screen time not only affects a student physically giving headache and pain in the eye but it also affects them mentally, using phone whole day isolate them from the important world, they’re lost in an exceedingly virtual world and thus they feel lonely, leftover, unwanted and thus they’re vulnerable to anxiety, depression and a few of them are so badly affected that they even attempt to kill.

Symptoms of anxiety, depression became quite common.

Following is a picture that shows how screen time is reduced during this pandemic,

The picture that shows how screen time is reduced during this pandemic

Undoubtedly, electronic media connects us to different people living in numerous parts of the globe, it makes our life easy but the actual fact that ought to not be ignored is, internet helps us at the value of our mental peace, and zilch is more worth than that!! An awfully simple line all right explains this fact as,

“Health is Wealth”

Be it a billionaire or a millionaire, nobody can purchase an honest healthy lifetime of peace because it is costless . These days rather than sitting with parents and speech them about how was the day, students live a anxious life hiding their true feelings , not sharing their emotions, and thus conditions deteriorate. They need someone but they’re not having courage for that , so it may be truly concluded that increased screen time in a method or other increase their stress level too, thus leaving them alone in an anxious world where they always want let alone.

Technology has made us servants and we got fully captured

With that, once they aren’t even ready to stabilize their emotions and that they have just lost themselves into a virtual depressed world from where they’re ineffectual to work out any shine of positivity or hope. They’re forced to submit their assignments and meet deadlines this burdens them more and thus adds up to their stress.

We are fully dragged into the digital world

Every problem contains a solution, yes situations don’t seem to be going fine but if we wish can surely change these worst situation into best one. These students only are our future and each one knows that progress can’t happen under the roof of stress, anxiety, and depression those are results of increased screen timing. Thus we must motivate these students to follow a healthy routine including morning yoga and evening walk with a nutritious diet in a very day which too without using any electronic media at that point. There must be organized some interactive and friendly webinars on stress management during this pandemic and that they must be provided a platform to specific their feelings as we have to figure to bring a change as,

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time

We are the only one we have been waiting for!!”

-By Ishita Sukhija, SDF Batch 12, Miranda House, Delhi

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