Shashi Dream Foundation |Career Counseling 2020|Phase-11|Experts views on career|Impact report

We thank our experts for successful completion of Phase 10 Career Counseling Sessions


On 2nd August 2020, we commenced our first career counseling session of Phase 11. The first session was DEVELOPMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS. The session speaker was MS. SHASHI KAJLE. She is an ADDITIONAL COMMISSIONER in INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT in Delhi. She completed her B.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra and consequently joined as a Sub- Divisional officer with Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam and as Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner with Employees Provident Fund Organization, Government of India. She has also worked as a compere in All India Radio. An occasional poet, an avid reader, and an aspiring community leader are few words to describe her. The session commenced with addressing the importance of life skills (communication skills) apart from the student’s focus on education. She focused on the importance of experiential learning and not just textbook-based learning. India has the highest percentage of youth in the world and future, one needs to learn to communicate one’s thoughts to others, thus one needs to develop strong communication skills. Ms. Shashi emphasized that no language is inferior to other but since English is a global language, she directs the importance of developing English communication skills, as the world is inclusive of people from different walks of life. She highlighted the points that one needs to keep in mind while facing an interview: body language, and verbal communication. She also explained the four bifurcations of verbal communication; listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and also explained how to improve them. To improve a language, she explains the importance of relentless perseverance; to read newspapers, to practice speaking, rectifying the mistakes and to start thinking in that language. Lastly, she boosted the confidence of many students by stating an example from her own life on how she improved her language by sheer hard work. Our expert shared a SUCCESS MANTRA which everyone should possess, “Much beyond hard work, self-confidence could be the game-changer.”


Our 61st SESSION was on one of the most important topics, HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. The session speaker was MS. GUNJAN KHORGADE who is a SOCIAL WORKER. The session was streamed live on our social media handles of Facebook and Instagram on 5rd August 2020 at 11 am and 7 pm respectively. Ms. Gunjan Khorgade completed her Masters in social work from the Tata Institute of Social sciences, Mumbai. Consequently she did her post-graduation diploma in Counselling Psychology from the Indian Institute of Counselling Psychology, Pune. She has presented her research paper on “Mental health treatment-seeking behavior of tribal in Gadchiroli District” in the 7th annual conference of AIAMSWP. She started the session with a clear-cut definition of mental health. The acceptance of good and bad days was a strong statement made by Ms. Gunjan. She then talked about the various misconceptions of mental health in society and why we all must talk and discuss mental health. She cited examples explaining the need to seek professional help because our physical and mental fitness is equally important and one mustn’t fail to acknowledge either of them. Just like we seek professional help for any physical ailment we mustn’t forget or shy away from seeking help for mental illness too. According to statistics 13.7% of Indians have mental illness and this session helped the attendees understand why discussing mental health was important. Another important discussion that she brought was addressing mental health among men. Men are expected to follow certain norms and society is conditioned to believe men shouldn’t talk about their weaknesses. However, in this era, every human being irrespective of gender, caste, and nationality should seek help or discuss it without any hindrance. She also helped the attendees to deal with mental health during the COVID pandemic. Our expert shared a SUCCESS MANTRA which everyone should possess, “Acknowledge your good and bad days equally because your vulnerability is never your weakness”


Our 62nd session was a very trending topic in this era, DESIGNING MOBILE/WEB APPLICATIONS AND DATA ANALYTICS PRODUCTS. The speaker for this session was MS. SHUCHI AGGARWAL, HEAD OF DESIGN & PRODUCT STRATEGY at E2logy Software Solutions. Ms. Shuchi studied design at NID, Ahmedabad. Later she completed her MBA from Chicago Booth School, USA. She gathered experience by working in the USA and later she set up Design Division with a user-centric design approach for E2logy India. She works with clients in e-learning and e-commerce industries as well as the government’s initiatives for digital India. The session commenced with Ms. Shuchi easing the attendees by explaining the terms: web application, mobile application, data analytics, and data science. She explained how the IT sector is like a black box with a wide arena of career options that can be tailor-made according to each individual’s passion. She cited an example of Amazon, one of the world’s biggest e-commerce giants to explain how to design a product. To design a product, one needs to know for whom it is being created, user experience design, creating native apps, etc. It felt like a case study class that cleared doubts of a novice. She explained in detail about web and mobile applications and how they are created and how companies that focus on the work. Regarding data analytics and data science, she explained how to pave a career in these fields and how they coordinate with web/ mobile application developers. The career in these fields can be very confusing due to its relevance and arena of options hence she asked the students to try finding their interests by doing online courses. She stressed the fact that career in these fields is ever-growing hence one must be equipped well. For example, the change in features on Facebook gives a strong example of ever-changing viewers and how Facebook still stays relevant. The session was an eye-opener and it boosted the confidence of students who wanted to pave their wave in this career. Our expert shared a SUCCESS MANTRA which everyone should possess, “With passion and interest one can go a long way”


Our 63th career counselling session was based on how to develop a brand in the market i.e., CAREER IN MARKET RESEARCH. The speaker of this session was MR. BHUWAN B. SINGH an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT AND PRACTISING LAWYER. Mr. Bhuwan has more than 25 years of experience in market research, advertising & marketing. He has worked in India and South Asian FMCG, pharmaceuticals, telecom, banking, consumer durables and IT domains. In the field of advertising and marketing, he has worked with BBDO Advertising and DHL Express Service. The session commenced with him explaining the terms market survey and market research. The process of market research was explained citing relevant examples which provided the attendees a clear picture. Market research is prevalent in every field such as politics, education, corporate, entertainment etc and one can carve their career path according to one’s own interest. He elucidated the two types of market research, qualitative research and quantitative research. Qualitative research is based on the consumer understanding and students from psychology, sociology, political science, medical background can opt for this. Quantitative research is primarily based on numbers hence students from the field of economics, commerce field can opt for this career. For automation, students interested in programming can join for analysis. Students from BBA, B.Com, MBA can opt for data presentation. The list of top colleges and an option of online courses was also discussed. He stressed on the fact that; unlike other fields the scope of market research will never go out of relevance. He also mentioned about the relevant skills required for market research. As a career prospect one can start one’s own agency, work in a company or start a field agency too. He explained how market research is a vast area to explore, where one can tailor one’s niche according to their interest. He clarified the concept of data analysis and mentioned that data analysis is a part of market research. Overall Mr. Bhuwan assured the students that market research is a growing field and a promising career option for the aspirants. Our expert shared a SUCCESS MANTRA which everyone should possess, “Work with integrity and rest everything will fall into place.”


Our 64th career counseling session was based on a very respected profession, CAREER IN THE TEACHING SECTOR. The speaker of this session was MS. DEEPALI SETH, LECTURER (English) at Dayalbagh Technical College, Agra. She completed her post-graduation in Indian Literature and consequentially did her B.Ed. in Pedagogy Sciences from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Modern Indian Drama and Newer Pedagogical Approach. She has over four years of experience in teaching at ICSE and CBSE schools. She has successfully passed the UPTET and CTET exams for teaching professionals. She has published research papers on Hermeneutics and Pedagogical learning cycle. She was awarded as an Exponent of Modern Education and Paramount Scholar. The session commenced with Ms. Deepali laying down the biggest misconception by correcting that teaching is a difficult profession because it involves dealing and interacting with a heterogeneous population. She explained that one needs to be a blend of guiding light for the students and handle them in a class. She explains how one can assess that he/she is interested in this profession or not. They can start taking tuition classes for children. This will give a perspective of whether one is inclined to the profession or not. She also mentioned the various courses for teachers to be qualified professionally. She explained the level of qualifications for a different level of teaching for example primary, secondary, high school, etc. Exams such as UPTET and CTET was explained in detail for the aspirants. Teachers for differently-abled students require different training to handle special students. These teachers require a different set of skills such as sympathy, personal attachment to students and can apply for B. Ed in special education. Aspirants who are interested in physical education can get themselves enrolled in D.PE or B.PE also. She also explained in detail the different topics that one studies in B.ED. Overall this session covered every aspect of teaching. The session with our expert was very interactive and informative. She also shared her experiences in this field. Our expert shared a SUCCESS MANTRA which everyone should possess, “Keep working hard towards your dream”.


We have received great response from our viewers for this phase. They thanked us for organizing these wonderful sessions. We thank all those who joined and encouraged us to conduct this series of career counselling. Here are some of the responses that we got from our viewers.

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