Lack of freeship and scholarship in India

Scholarship Opportunities

With a population of 1.3 billion, India houses over 300 million students who come within the range of primary to the educational activity. Rising inflation and the overall level of poverty in India, however, restrict access to either basic or quality education for a majority of those students.

To tackle this problem, the Indian government, State and Centre together with corporates, NGOs, private and public institutions, have made efforts to support students with a range of scholarships and schemes that provide assistance likewise as maintenance assistance. Over INR 18,000 Crores worth of scholarships are available for college students in India.

Despite this huge corpus being made available by our government and corporations to supply scholarship in India, it’s an anomaly that almost all of those funds remain unutilized. So why will we, despite the provision of monetary assistance, see numerous dropouts per annum in schools and colleges?

Scholarship scheme started by the central government

The gap between scholarship providers and scholarship seekers

Buddy4Study not only tried to seek out out the explanations for these problem areas but also the solutions to unravel these issues. Buddy4Study uses AI to match scholarships and grants with deserving students and offers alerts/updates to their 2+ million users. One of all the most important problems is that the knowledge gap between the scholarship seekers and also the number of scholarships offered. Students lack information on the way to get access to scholarships that are being launched through various schemes. By providing a platform to scholarship providers where they provide a spread of scholarships like need-based, merit-based, and mean-based scholarships, Buddy4Study caters to the current urgent need of scholarship seekers.

When technology becomes a hurdle

As most of the scholarship providers nowadays ask students to submit their application online, a ginormous number of scholars who don’t have access to the internet or computer miss out on the chance to avail these scholarships, which could be a huge loss on the part of both the parties. Here, Buddy4Study reaches intent on those students with the assistance of its operations team who work on-field to spot such students and supply them with application web.

Tedious application process

Many of the scholarships have a tedious application process which is another problem within the long line of issues faced by students. Buddy4Study is that the platform where the full process to use for a scholarship is simplified.

Graphs showing the scholarships offered by top institutions in India

Scholarship-tracking system
Often times students are oblivious to the kinds of scholarships available as per their needs. Buddy4Study helps to spot the scholarships that match the profile of a student. This process makes the full method simple and simple.

In essence, SHASHI DREAM FOUNDATION could be a one-stop platform where all the issues per scholarship are identified and resolved accordingly. With national scholarships routinely listed and updated on the platform, SHASHI DREAM FOUNDATION provides students easy and immediate access to the available scholarships.

-By Vedika, SDF Batch 14, University of Hyderabad, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh

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A Non Government Organization (NGO) that Educates 📚 &Empowers 👩‍🎓 Underprivileged kids.