Development of English Language Skills

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4 min readDec 2, 2020
Development of English Language Skills

Language is important for everyone because it is the main way to communicate or interact with someone. Not only communication but listening is also a part of learning a language. Communication skills are beneficial for anyone seeking a job opportunity in any field either a teacher, CA, an engineer, doctor, businessman and so on. English as a language is considered as the easiest way to communicate, as a second global language, there would be at least a communication bar between two unknown languages.

English as a language has a variety of career opportunities: teacher, public speaker, translator and other jobs at embassies.


Ms.Shashi Kajle

Shashi Dream Foundation was privileged to have Ms.Shashi Kajle (additional Commissioner of Income tax department, Delhi) as their career counselling session on Development of English Language Skills. She has done B.Tech from NIT, Kurukshetra. She has served as the sub-division officer at Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam and as an Assistant provident fund commissioner with Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Government of India.

She cleared the view of the beginners about the importance of English Language in every field of their life. Not only education, job but for many other areas she stated the importance of English Language. Whether it is a government job or a private firm interview session one needs great communication skills. Learning a language involves both listening and speaking, this is called effective communication. Language is a way to communicate your personal views to someone in an effective and efficient manner.

So, along with these she stated many other points adding to the importance of development of language skills.

Shashi dream Foundation was privileged to have Ms.Shashi Kajle as their speaker for a session conducted on “Development of English Language Skills”.

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Development of English Language Skills

Skills Required:

Table 1: Skills required

Concepts to be covered for development of language:

  • Part of Speech: This includes noun, pronoun, adjective, adverbs, verbs, preposition and conjunctions.
  • Punctuation: punctuation refers to the various signs and symbols used in a written language. These are full stop (.), comas (,), semicolon (;), colon (:), exclamation mark (!), Question Mark (?) and so on.
  • Homophones: two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings. Example: except: accept, sea: see and so on.
  • Sentence: group of words making complete sense, is called a sentence.
  • Tenses: It indicates “time”.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are no eligibility specifications for learning a language. Anyone can start learning at any age.

Tips for language development:

  • Adopt English language as your daily communication language, this would improve pronunciation and boost confidence in the language.
  • Start listening to podcasts, read newspapers, listen to news channels.
  • Read more and more books loud and clear. This would add to your reading and speaking skills.
  • Initiate from your college or school and participate in different debating, extempore, speech competitions.
  • Read about your favourite topics and speak about the same in front of the mirror.
  • Start writing on a daily basis about anything random.

Top Institutions:

Although there are a variety of Institutes set up in every locality of our country. But some top Institutions providing best knowledge are provided below:

Table 2

Their fee structure varies from time to time and duration of course is flexible.

Online Courses:

Table 3

Job Description and Salary:

Table 4


Effective communication skills are critical aspects for your life and career prospects. It is important to understand the communication process so that we can enhance the effectiveness of our messages. Merely by learning a language, we have a variety of career prospects as mentioned above. Learning a language is not so difficult and not so easy but the outcome eases many difficulties.

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