Career in Electronics Engineering

Career in Electronics Engineering

Introduction of the career:

Gadgets are all over the place. You’re continually considering how you can improve something — how you can configure it to make it more modest, better, quicker, more grounded. You can likewise utilize your aptitudes to help around the family unit — you’ve generally got toaster ovens, pcs, and different gadgets that need fixing!

Electronics engineers plan and create electronic gear, including broadcast and correspondence frameworks, for example, versatile music players and Global Positioning System (GPS) gadgets. Numerous likewise work in regions firmly identified with PC equipment.

Electronic Engineering is a quickly developing field. It has an expanding requirement for experts for managing the assembling cycles of the gadgets alongside the establishment and upkeep of the regions of these gadgets. Subsequently, Electronic Engineer experts are qualified to secure extraordinary position openings in the designing area.

Introduction of the speaker:

Dr.Nafis Uddin Khan

Dr.Nafis Uddin Khan He did his Ph.D. In electronics and communication engineering from ABV IITM Gwalior in 2013 presently he is working in Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan(HP) As an assistant professor he has more than 10 years of teaching undergraduate and under post-graduate-level courses at different engineering InstitutesHe is also working as faculty coordinator in Training and Placement Cell at Jaypee University of Information Technology. He is a dedicated teacher, who always worked to development of his students. He emphasized a strong base of knowledge and how knowledge can be spread.

Shashi dream Foundation was privileged to have Dr.Nafis Uddin Khan as their speaker for a session conducted on “Career in Electronics Engineering”.

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Eligibility criteria:

Under graduation:

Master’s Level:

Skills required:

Table 1

Government colleges:

Table 2

Private colleges:

Table 3

Job opportunities and salaries for different fields:

The field of electronics engineering opens extraordinary professional possibilities for the wannabes ready to make their vocation in hardware designing. Hopefuls after completion of their degree can undoubtedly profit different hardware engineer work openings. A portion of the top businesses/areas that require a hardware engineer

Table 4

Top recruiting companies:

ECE is one of the most versatile branches of engineering, ECE enables you to apply for various jobs as well.


If you are considering a vocation in hardware in India, it is critical to plan reasonably. First rundown the regions of enthusiasm for gadgets that appeal to you. Having made the elite of these regions, at that point inquire about fitting organizations that work in these territories. If your particular intrigue is in planning lighting and focusing on the climate then that is the sort of organization with which you ought to lock-in.

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